Week 4 Content (EDUC)

Mr. Mason used chess as a means of reaching/teaching/educating the children in his class. Identify and explain two reasons why chess worked, and using examples from the film, summarize a few of the “lessons” that the children learned.

Knights of the South Bronx takes place in a very tough area of New York City; however, the lessons for educators do not solely relate to working with children from low-income, high-violence environments. What did you learn from this film and the article “Critical Issue: Rethinking Learning for Students at Risk” about teaching and education that can be applied to elementary-age children from any neighborhood or socioeconomic class?

Consider the following statement, which the principal of the school in the film makes to Mr. Mason: “Our kids need the basics—reading, writing, arithmetic—anything extra’s just that—extra. Just stick with the lesson plan.” Explain why the principal, as an educator committed to student achievement and success, believes this to be true. Then explain why “sticking to the lesson plan” might have kept Mr. Mason and his students from achieving and learning what they did.