The Aesthetic, Affective, Cognitive, and Language Domains – Discussion

Drama, dance, art, music, creative language experiences, and physical performance not only introduce culture into a classroom, but also extend higher level thinking skills and broaden global horizons. Additionally, these facilitate cognitive development and language skills.

For example, a play requires repetitive script reading and develops dramatic voice, improving reading ability and speaking skills. Or, physical movement aligns better with the intelligence of some students, increasing endorphins for all students, and creates a more positive classroom environment.Explain what the differences might be between a classroom that includes the arts in their curriculum and a classroom that does not.Select an artist that will interest the children. Describe a developmentally appropriate activity that you can implement that will focus on one of the artist’s paintings. Share the materials, objectives, and procedure.Choose a story that will interest the children. Plan how you will introduce the story and share what props, costumes, and characters are necessary. Discuss the most effective way to tell the story.Which of the cognitive theorists’ ideas relate to how you feel children learn best?


Your post should be at least 200–250 words in length- apa, references