shakespeare essay





 Wrrite  3 pages  about shakespeare:


Please write it as simple as you can, so I can read it. Simple vocap

1.       Who is this person? (Name, photo, birth/death dates)



2.     Why is this person a noted literary figure?  What they are noted for?


3.     Provide a short biography of the person’s life a little about the person’s biography,


4.     What has s/he has written?


5.     How have these works contributed to literary history?


6.     Provide a short video of the author reading or a video on their work (no more than 3 minutes). 


7.     Provide a list of their major works and any major films/shows made from them.


8.     Provide appropriate reference from at least four academic sources and bring in at least three of their books or books in which they are noted.