Romero and Juliet theme




We are reading  Romeo and Juliet  this week in order to better understand some of its more important themes and how these themes are deployed in the play.  Using some of the literary terminology that you have learned this week, identify one of the following themes and write about its development in the play.   Romeo and Juliet  is about: class conflict; a dysfunctional society; patriarchal oppression of women; generational conflict; the pathology of violence in society; imagination vs. reality; the destructiveness of love; free will vs. fate.






Choose one of the following film adaptations:


Gnomeo & Juliet  (2011), Chicken Rice War (2000), Romeo Must Die (2000), Romeo + Juliet (1996), Romeo and Juliet(1968), Romeo and Juliet (1966), West Side Story (1961), Romeo and Juliet (1954), Romeo and Juliet (1936).


After  carefully reading Romeo and Juliet the play, carefully watch one of the adaptations (you will need to rent the film from Amazon, Netflix, etc., if it is not on YouTube); it is better of you watch it twice.  Then compose a comparison and contrast of the play and film.  In what ways does the film change the play?  Remain faithful to it?  Bring it to life?  Make it relevant for modern society?  Offer a cogent thematic interpretation