Read Roy’s God of Small Things to 216 Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things (Random House ISBN 978-0812979657)

All quotations from the readings must include page numbers (in parentheses) after the quotes just as you will do with your response papers. You do not, however, need a Works Cited page. Please do not use so many quotations that you don’t include your own analysis. I’m looking for your ideas on the text—why you think particular elements of the book are interesting, significant and strange. What I am not looking for is a regurgitation (simply a summary) of what the book says.

You will write a short, 200-300 word response. That’s at least two decent size paragraphs. Word processing programs all have a function to check Word Count. Please check your work so that you don’t get a lower grade for not meeting the length requirement. When you are finished writing your 200-300 word response, 1. Ammu is described as being “an unmixable mix. The infinite tenderness of motherhood and the reckless rage of a suicide bomber.” How are these dual aspects of her personality evident throughout the story? Is Ammu a good mother? Why or why not?