read and answer

To do this assignment well, you should do the following:

Read PDF of Maria Lugones’ “Playfulness, World-traveling, and Loving Perception,” explain accurately and completely the author’s main claims, and the author’s reasons for making these claims in doing #1, explore important features of the author’s position: i. key examples or evidence the author offers, ii, the author’s explanation of the implications/consequences of her/his position, iii. assumptions that the author is questioning, iv. definitions and/or clarification of meaning that the author offers  respond to the author’s position by explaining your own claims. There are a variety of kinds of claims you can make in response: 1. Elaborate additional implications of the author’s claim not already addressed by the author, 2. Identify and explore assumption(s) entailed by the author’s claim, 3. Explain additional support for the author’s claim (reasons, evidence, examples), 4. Identify and explain a possible objection to the author’s reasoning, 5. Identify a possible objection to the author’s claim and explain how to respond to that objection to support the author’s claim, 6. Identify and explain a counter-example to the author’s claim.  reflect on your own reasoning in #3: What assumptions are you making and are they reasonable ones? why/why not? How true (always, generally, frequently, occasionally, rarely, never) are your claims? How are you defining key terms and what impact do definitions have on your own claims? Are there counter-examples to your claims? Are your own reasons sound ones or can they be challenged? That is, is there good evidence for them and what is it? What are alternative perspectives and reasons for them? What are the implications of your own claims?