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Rules of the game (WVU rami)

  • Say, “Please pass the salt” when playing an ace card.
  • Knock the ground once when there is only one card left in hand.
  • When cheating, talking, or making a mistake, the player gets an extra card.
  • When playing a card with a face, the player should say the name and suit of the card.
  • The player can play a card of the same number of the same suit.
  • There is no maximum number of cards in each hand.
  • If the player doesn’t have the right card, he/she gets one card if the previous play was a good play or two cards if the previous play was a bad play.
  • Ten-second rule, the player gets a card if he/she takes more than ten seconds to play.
  • After a red four, the player picks a card.
  • Three skip.
  • Appropriate language.