Child Observation Visit for Observation Report-

Students should conduct the observation visit by this week so you can  write the notes due on July 26. You should spend at least one hour with  the child who is between 4 months and 2 years 4 months for Observation  One in order to observe enough behaviors. Students should transcribe the  observation field notes into complete sentences using the Observation  Notes Form. Do not put any of your own thoughts or interpretations about  the child’s behavior in the observation notes. It is important in the  notes to use objective (fact) statements that describe what the child is  doing and saying during the observation time. You do not need to  interact with the child if you are in a child care program setting.  Include all conversation the child has with others during the  observation. There are 7 domains you will be observing:physical,  cognitive, social, emotional, language, creative and self help. You will  need to identify typical development for the child’s age group for the  child’s behavior using the posted developmental checklists, topic files  i.e. play and  the text. You may also use other resources that are  posted on Moodle or research other developmental checklists.

Overview of the Infant OR Toddler Observation with Observation Notes Due 7/26  and Report Due 7/29 

The Observation One  Observation Notes are due by 7/26  and the Child  Observation Report Form is due on 7/29 by 11:30 PM. The child should be  between 4 mouths and 2.4 years. Students must use the Child Observation  Notes form located in the Observation Folder. The observation notes  should  be written in complete sentences and only objective (fact only)  terms should be used. You must follow the directions in the child  observation report overview file and the observation report form  directions.  The child observation report grading form must be used to  record your observation report information. There is a direction file  for the Child Observation Report Grading Form that students should  review as you write the report found in the Observation Folder. The  observation notes should be written on the child observation notes form  found in the observation folder.

When writing the Observation Report make sure that you have at least 6  quotes from the text or other resources in your report with three  examples of behaviors that span two domains. You should also include the  resources that you used to get the quotes including the text,  developmental checklist, and class handouts.  The observation notes form  will be submitted on 7/26 and students should also copy the notes to  the end of the report form and submitted as part of the final report  (7/29). If you do not include the  quotes about typical development and how the child’s behavior compares  to the quote analysis, you will not be able to get a passing grade for  the report. Make sure you include page numbers for your  quotes (Santrock, pg. 54), the title of the developmental checklist with  the age and name of resource you have used. After 7/27 you will be  notified if you need to do an edit for the report. You will have 5 days  to complete the edit after the report is passed back to you. Use the  link in Week 8  to submit the Child Observation Report Grading Form  assignment. Students should complete all of the sections of the report  form so you know you have answered all of the questions: Introduction,  Behavior One with 2 domains, Behavior One Domain One with Quote  paragraph and Analysis paragraph. Behavior One Domain Two with Quote  paragraph and Analysis paragraph, Behavior Two with 2 domains, Behavior  Two Domain One with Quote paragraph and Analysis paragraph, Behavior Two  Domain Two with a Quote paragraph and Analysis paragraph, Behavior  Three with 2 domains , Behavior Three Domain One with Quote paragraph  and Analysis paragraph Behavior Three Domain Two with a Quote paragraph  and Analysis paragraph.  Close the report with the the resources listed  and the Summary of the child’s growth and development.   You are using  parts of your observation notes to describe the 3 behaviors that you are  writing about and using the quotes for about what typical development  is in that domain. You then describe how your child’s behavior compares  to the quote about typical development called the (analysis). Students  should conduct the observation this week and submit the notes by 7/26.  The Child Observation Report Form report will be due on 7/29. The  submission links can be found in Week Eight.

 Students should complete the observation notes for the observation  report using the observation notes  form file. The observation notes  should be submitted by 7/26 by 11:30 PM. The observation notes are a  required component of the observation report assignment. The notes must  be written in complete sentences using objective (fact) statements in a  story format. Do not use a list of phrases or sentences.  Students  should not put any of your own thoughts about the child’s development in  the observation notes.  The observation notes form can be found in the  Observation Folder and is also posted when you click on the assignment  title and open the next web page. It was also emailed to students.  Students have to complete and pass in the Observation Notes Form on  7/26  and then copy the notes to the Observation Report Grading Form  that will be passed in by 7/29.  If you do not submit  the Observation  notes,  you would not be able to get credit for the questions about the  Behavior, Quotes about Typical Development and then the Analysis of how  the child’s behavior compares to the quotes about typical development.