Literary Narrative Course – Creative writing

The question and Instructions are in the file below.ASSIGNMENT 1

Due: 05/31


PROMPT I (creative)

Inspired by Shelley’s Frankenstein, write an original short story via epistolary narrative. In doing

so, employ both (a) similar narrative techniques (e.g., embedded “frame” narrative, multiple 1st

person narratives) as well as (b) a similar theme from Shelley’s novel (e.g., nature/nurture,

dangers of knowledge, justice, alienation, etc.).

Following you short story, provide a detailed assessment of your creative piece exploring both

(a) the various connections to Shelley’s novel as well as (b) references to Abbott’s notions of:

• story and narrative discourse

• closure

• constituent and supplementary events

• narrativity

   The Story has to be told through series of letters or emails or anything that has embedded narrative.

Please use either MLA or Chicago Style of Citation for assessment.