Kaiser Permanente Strategic Management Process and Healthcare

Using the comprehensive model of the strategic management process create a PowerPoint presentation that highlights each of the elements of the process. Select a healthcare organization to be the target of your analysis, it can be the same organization/company that you have utilized for previous assignments. The requirements of this assignment are:

  • Title Slide with healthcare organization/company listed (1 point)
  • Define Vision and Mission Statement (5 points)
  • List the key external forces that impact this organization/company (1 point for each, 5 points total):
  • Define what you think or have found the organization/company’s long term objective is (5 points)
  • Create a SWOT analysis (at least 2 of each element, 5 points)
  • Describe how this organization/company influences employees -what are the perks? (5 points)
  • If the organization has a balanced scorecard available provide that, if not define 5 elements that would be required (and why) on the balanced scorecard (5 points)
  • What is the organization/company’s philosophy on social responsibility and/or environmental sustainability. If you are unable to locate this information provide an example of what the stance on social responsibility and/or environmental sustainability should be (and why). (5 points)
  • Provide a summary of the organizations/company’s international operations (if applicable). If you are unable to determine if the organization/company has international business, provide at least 3 examples of why operating globally would be a good strategic move. (5 points)
  • Include at least 3 sources cited in APA format (4 points)
  • A minimum of 10 slides with notes in the PowerPoint and/or your voice recording embedded in the PowerPoint (5 points)
  • Submitted on-time (5 points)
  • Total of 50 points

Please ask me any questions if need be and please submit on time. Thanks.