Generational needs and value essay, writing homework help

Marketing – Generational Needs and Values Essay


Viewpoints abound in what is the most effective way to market to current and future customers, especially given the large generational shifts occurring in the marketplace. Unfortunately for many organizations there is a disconnect in message and method when attempting to reach their markets.


In a minimum 400-word essay address the following:

  • Of the generations today, pick one (Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, etc) and describe this generation noting their needs and what they value in products/services.
  • Given your field of interest, what is at stake for marketers and brand strategists should they fail to reach this generation? What should they be doing differently to provide greater value to or better address needs of this generation?
  • Name a brand that is getting it right when it comes to marketing to your chosen generation. Over the next five years do you see anything changing with this generation that will impact the brand? If so, how?