Fix my rough draft to final draft

I have included the notes by a peer and the professor, also my thesis statement on notes on thesis, please read the grading rubric and turn my rough draft to a final draft meeting all criteria for optimal grade.

Paper criteria

 Faulkner, William. A Rose For Emily. A Rose For Emily. Chubbuck Production Company, 1983. DVD. 


Your research paper, comparing and contrasting a story or play to its film version, is due this week. See the Details for Research Paper for full instructions and the Research Paper Grading Rubric for the research paper.

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Due Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET

 Your comparison/contrast research paper should explore and analyze the similarities and differences between the story or play and its film version. Your analysis should consider, but is not limited to, any changes to storyline, characterizations, setting, and tone. It should also consider whether or not changes to the original story or play are successful in the film version. If the two versions are very similar with few changes, you can analyze whether the decision to adapt faithfully was a sound one. You must use at least three credible outside sources in addition to the story or play and the film.