Essay Topic, Plan, and Bibliography

1. Paper must be typed and double-spaced and include a title (but not a title page) and page numbers. Papers are not graded on length, but rather on their ability to capture and persuade a reader; however, a minimum of 4 pages is required. Such an ability arises from correctness of prose, and also from factors including clear expression, thoughtful organization, originality, completeness, and adequate support (including, in the longer essay, the incorporation of research materials).

2. In order to receive a passing grade, an essay must articulate and support an original analysis, moving well beyond summary of other writers’ ideas and words. Please look through the following guide -Very-Basic-Guide-to-an-Analytical-Literature-Based-Essay.pdf .

3. Material from outside sources must be cited completely using MLA style.ACFrOgBuWL8rwDBsgsJ2KPq3Hru_arLyqZFad9GNPmHBXeW8n1ooJbqBDMJFh1Thk64KUN-UjO6062aaayteid1aGvPVT5NZ-nCY8dN5BCyn-5uua4OjEx5OuILeZ-M=.pdf 

4. I  am always willing to read and critique work in progress, and to answer questions about your writing. When turning in an essay to be graded, you are expected to submit the best work you are capable of doing, given time constraints; thus revisions will not be accepted after an essay has been graded.

Submit: At least three articles on your essay topic should be submitted as your bibliography. See examples of articles here Feminism Kate Chopin The Awakening.pdf  theconflictbetweenwomanandcommunityintwoshortstoriesbywilliamfaulkner.pdf  A plan, preferably a draft of your final essay should be submitted.