Emily Rose

Directions :  Analyze the role point of view plays in “A Rose for Emily” by evaluating the inferences of Miss Emily as implied by the townspeople.

Make _________(see rubric) character inferences.

Analyze each inference by explaining how it fits into the context of the story.

Connect the inference to the meaning of the work as a whole: how does the inference help us understand the story’s message?



The whole town went to Miss Emily’s funeral out of curiosity (p. 720), which implies that she must have been well-known but had few friends.  She led a lonely life.

Miss Emily was the source of much gossip in her town.  After her father dies she has very little contact with anyone, except perhaps her servant.  In addition, even her relationship  with her “husband” is questionable as he died years before she did.  This opening quotation shows how no one knew Emily; she was a quirky lady that the townspeople were interested in.

One theme of the story could be that people are ignorant toward others.  Many times in the story, the townspeople fail to pay attention to Emily.  Her funeral is one example of how no one knew her; she was simply a curiosity to them.  Had they actually taken time to know her, perhaps her life would have ended more positively.