Cyberbullying Social Media Addiction and Suicide Paper

The impact of social networks addiction within youth, focusing on cyberbullying. How social media addiction is contributing to high rates of suicide among teenagers?

Over the past several weeks, we have volunteered within our community and practiced interpersonal empathy. Over the next three weeks, we will shift our focus to social empathy. In the first part of your social empathy applied paper, you will re-examine your social problem and identify how your future or current public service career addresses this social problem.

Your paper must be 4-pages in length and use APA format for citations. Your paper must include 5 references to support your claims.

Write a four-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Social Problem – Community Status -3pgs
    • Re-examine the social problem you have been addressing through your service by explaining how it meets the three criteria of social problems using examples from your community. Be sure to use local statistics and examples to demonstrate how your social problem is an issue for your community. As a reminder, the three criteria of social problems are:
      • Affects a large number of people
      • Has severe consequences
      • Can’t be solved by one person
    • Once you have established your social problem is an issue in your community, examine how your community is addressing this problem. Find a specific example that demonstrates how your community is trying to solve this issue.
  • Public Service Field Statement- 1pg
    • Identify a public service job in your community that addresses this social problem. Ideally, this should be a position you are either currently in, or interested in applying for after graduation. Provide one example of how this position might use macro perspective-taking and self-other awareness to address this social problem in your community. This must be a real job; include a job description link in your work cited.