Censored Book Reflection

Research the American Library Association website (search for “Banned Books Week”) to find children’s books that have been censored. Ch. 1 of Children’s Books in Children’s Hands may also be helpful in preparing the reflection.

Choose a censored book written for K-8 grade students and research why it was censored.

Create a 14- to 16-slide presentation, a 2-page infographic, or a 350- to 700-word blog post about the decision to censor the book that you chose. Do you agree or disagree with that censorship? Explain the rationale for your viewpoint. Connect your assignment with course content.

Include the following elements in your assignment:  Rationale for agreeing or disagreeing with censorship How the book might be used in elementary or middle schools The grade levels for which you might use the book How you would introduce and work with the book as a classroom teacher Connections to course content and outside resources

Format your reference list according to APA guidelines.