book review – Rabbit, run by John Updike

Book Reviews – Assignment Description [Rabbit, run by John Updike] 1500 words max 

The book review should draw on the literary criticism techniques discussed in “How to Read Literature” by Terry Eagleton. You should use APA format to reference the Eagleton text throughout your paper. You may organize the review addressing each of the topics in Chp 1-5 of Eagleton’s text. Utilize the course lectures on Chp 1-5 of Eagleton’s text to understand how to examine and review your book. You may structure your review like this:

Introduction – 1 paragraph Sometimes it is best to write this last! It summarizes what you are about to talk about.

Body – 5-10 paragraphs Openings Identify at least 1 or more literary tactic that the author used to open the book. Was it effective? Why or Why not? Characters How did you learn about the characters? Was it an effective way to learn about the characters? Why or Why not? Did you get to know one character more than others? Why? Narrative Who is telling the story? From what point of view? Do you think that was a good selection? Consider another point of view from where the story could have been told… how would have that impacted the story. Interpretation What school of criticism most accurately reflects what you think the themes and symbols of the novel are trying to communicate? Why did you select that school of criticism? Provide at least 2 examples of the themes, signs, symbols, language character that you think are connected to the school of criticism you selected. Value What does the school of criticism that you selected value? What does the school of criticism that you selected think is important? What does the school of criticism that you selected emphasize? Provide at least 2 examples from the book that demonstrate what it values.

Conclusion – 1 paragraph These should look similar to the introduction. It should not introduce new ideas. It should summarize what you just wrote about in the body of your paper.

Literary Elements (i.e.) you may want to include/refer to in your paper (these are all addressed at some level in the Eagleton text):