Book Response and Reflection

 Read a children’s book and prepare a creative response to the book. The book you select should not be one on which you have already completed an assignment.

Search the Internet for “creative responses to literature.”

Choose a creative response method to use in this assignment.

Create your personal response to the children’s book you have read. Your response will be included at the end of the reflection paper. The response may be written, scanned, or a link to a video or podcast.

Write a minimum 700-word reflection paper:  Reflect on why you chose the form of response. Reflect on how the form of response you chose contributed to your understanding of the book. Connect this method and response type to use in a classroom setting. Connect to your future students and describe how you will have them respond to literature.

Note: The Book Response and Reflection must be formatted according to APA guidelines. An abstract is not necessary. Include a clear introduction and conclusion to the paper.