Ashley claire

Compose an essay of no less than (4) full pages choosing ONE (1) of the prompts on page 424 under “Ideas for Critical Writing.”

#2: Sense Imagery and Metaphors
#3 Symbolism

Pay Close attention to what the prompt is specifically asking; do not simply write an essay or summary about the poem mentioned in the prompt.

Give your essay an original and engaging title
Compose your essay in the third person POV. (Do not use the first person “I”.)
Utilize a Times 12 Font
Craft and cite your essay using MLA format
Include an MLA works cited page.
Cite a minimum of six (6) times from the assigned poem(s) using specific textual evidence. You may cite more.

Required reading for this unit:

“How Do I Read Poetry?” pp. 394-397
Persona & Tone: pp. 398-400
Poetic Language: pp. 415-418
Poetic Form: pp. 432-436