An Evaluation..

You are asked to:

  1. Pick a website that you frequent
    1. Evaluate it using the heuristics in Box below
    2. Post that link of the website and a summary of your heuristics evaluation.
    3. a short answer to the question: Does being aware of the heuristics influence how you
    4. interact with the website in any way?
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Extract from the Heuristics Developed by Budd (2007) that Emphasize Web Design Issues


Make the system as clear, concise, and meaningful as possible for the intended audience.

  • Write clear, concise copy
  • Only use technical language for a technical audience
  • Write clear and meaningful labels
  • Use meaningful icons.

Minimize unnecessary complexity and cognitive load

Make the system as simple as possible for users to accomplish their tasks.

  • Remove unnecessary functionality, process steps, and visual clutter
  • Use progressive disclosure to hide advanced features
  • Break down complicated processes into multiple steps
  • Prioritize using size, shape, color, alignment, and proximity.

Provide users with context

Interfaces should provide users with a sense of context in time and space.

  • Provide a clear site name and purpose
  • Highlight the current section in the navigation
  • Provide a breadcrumb trail
  • Use appropriate feedback messages
  • Show number of steps in a process
  • Reduce perception of latency by providing visual cues (e.g. progress indicator) or by allowing users to complete other tasks while waiting.

Promote a pleasurable and positive user experience

The user should be treated with respect and the design should be aesthetically pleasing and promote a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

  • Create a pleasurable and attractive design
  • Provide easily attainable goals
  • Provide rewards for usage and progression.