4 page paper APA topic: Art sculpture Exhibit madam Tousant NYC

4 page paper APA styleDraw valuable information from the research you performed throughout the course. You may repeat fragments of text you wrote in the Assignments you submitted in prior weeks.If the exhibition consisted of several individual pieces of art (for example, a gallery of paintings or sculptures, or several plays throughout the week), narrow your focus to a subset of the entire display. Look for a group with common characteristics (such as a specific artist, genre, or physical grouping, or a political theme, or cultural message).Consider the aesthetic choices made by the curator, host, exhibitor, producer, or sponsor, as well as those made by the artist.Create an engaging title indicating the general theme or thesis of your essay. The title should express the overall point you are trying to make in your essay.Remember to cite and reference all sources, per the examples provided in the Course Paper Templates in this week’s Learning Resources and/or the Walden University Writing Center.Proofread before submitting your work.In the same document (within the 4–6 pages), write 3–4 paragraphs responding to the following:Put yourself in the shoes of those who planned the exhibit or event you chose to analyze. What goals might you have had for enrichment of your local community through this presentation?Did those who presented this exhibit or event succeed in revealing values and a level of civic engagement in the community in which it was presented? Why, or why not?Reflect on your personal experience or opinion regarding art before this course. How has your perception of art changed as a result of the course and your experience with the artwork you chose to study? Explain.Support your assertions by making  at least two  documented references to your course readings, following documentation examples in the “Common Reference List Examples” document in this week’s Learning Resources.