250 Words Response to lectures in APA format

According to the biography in your textbook (The Norton Anthology American Literature, Beginnings to 1865) , Paul Laurence Dunbar wanted “to interpret my own people through song and story, and prove to the many that we are more human than African.”  The same argument could be made that Chopin and Gilman, both female, were attempting to prove that they were more human than woman.  From the assigned readings by Dunbar, Chopin and Gilman, choose works from at least two of the authors and explain how the writer attempts to illustrate this idea.  Is he/she successful?  Be sure to quote, cite, and reference from the text(s) using appropriate APA format.  Your post must be at least 250 words. 


Frederick Douglass “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” (Vol 1, pp. 1066-1069) 

Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour” (Vol 2, pp. 446-448)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman “The Yellow Wall-paper” (Vol 2, pp. 511-523) “Why I Wrote ‘The Yellow Wall-paper'” (Vol 2, pp. 523-524)

Paul Laurence Dunbar “Sympathy” (Vol 2, pp. 636-637)

PS: If don’t have access to the readings please let me know I can provide.